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Why USA should be more responsible country compared to others?

Hello Friends,

Today we are going to talk my USA should behave more responsibly than compared to other nations but before we start please share and subscribe to my blog for upcoming interest and informative blog posts.

USA is one of the most powerful countries we have on this planet due to its strategic and global influence. From technology to military power, US can beat any nation on any given day. So as said with more power comes more responsibility.

USA can start or end any war or propoganda which can influence whole world. It has power to start new beginning of peaceful world if they work for that but it fears that it will reduce global fear of USA and so they threats global community by showing their power to be on top. If United States had showed some responsible role there would have been different story today.

It's not that they are bully to other countries but they started a race which will lead to global disharmony. A war to be on top of all nation and to rule them with…

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