All you want to know about Ram Nath Kovind,NDA's presidential candidate.

Ram Nath Kovind was born on 1st October 1945 in British India.He was born in Kanpur and got LLB degree from Kanpur University. Ram Nath Kovind is a great face of dalit samaj and served and many posts for the upliftment of dalit people.He has served as governor of Bihar from 2015 to 2017. Now BJP and it's allies has named him as presidential candidate for upcoming 2017 presidential election.
Right now Pranab Mukherjee is the president of Republic of India and his term is expiring in July this year. Mira Kumar the former Lok Sabha speaker has been nominated for contesting against Ram Nath Kovind by all opposition parties but Ram Nath Kovind has strong chances as approximately 60% of votes are on his side. It will interesting to see if he can win this election and be the 14th President of India.