Beware!!! New ransom-ware attack “Petya” and some useful tips.

     In the era of technology and especially the digital world we are living our life is at some point is connected to internet or related technologies. From day to day work to big businesses, from mobiles to supercomputers every thing is connected to internet. It has become inseparable part of our lives. And now a days it has became a easy target for some people to earn money and show their hacking abilities by harming others valuable time and money.

After the ransom-ware WannaCry now Petya has hit the global digital world. And some are calling Petya more powerful than WannaCry. This new outbreak of malicious data scrambling software appears to be causing lot disruption across the world, hitting companies and government in many parts of world.

It is said that Ukraine reported serious intrusions of country’s power grid as well as bank and government offices. Russia's oil company also reported same problems. “ We are taking about a cyber attack ,” said a spokesman for Copenhagen based shipping group.

Many companies and agencies reportedly affected by the ransom-ware campaign and it is creating worldwide crisis. All the cyber attacks creates big questions to cyber security agencies of the planet. By the way it is not clear why all of a sudden ransom-ware attacks have increased but it has shown the world that our data is not safe.

“It’s like somebody sneezing into a train full of people , you have to exist there and you are vulnerable” said Botezatu-- Computer security expert and editor of

Now here are 5 precautions to protect your devices :

1)Always use certified and trustful antiviruses.
2)Never open mails which are not from trustworthy source.
3)Always upgrade to latest updates available on devices.
4)Never click to unknown pop ups.
5)If you visit any site see that they are secured.


·         Experts say it bears the hallmarks of ransom-ware
·         Russia’s Rosneft also reported falling victim to hacking
·         Ukraine once again has been most affected by this ransom-ware attack.

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