Highlights of Modi and Trump joint press conference.June 2017

No one knows what this two giants have discussed in private but here are top highlights of joint press conference.
1)Trump said that in there government they have used social media to connect to people and now both are global leader at social media.
2)They talked about terrorism which is now a common talk when any global leader meet each other as they are concerned about there citizens.
3) Creating job opportunities for both the countries and even Trump mentioned the deal in which India will buy 100 aeroplane from USA.
4) Trump also mentioned India's percentage growth rate and said that they will try to manage to get to that mark.
5)Both India and USA are global engines of growth, said by Indian prime minister.
6)Modi invited President Trump to India for which Trump thanked.

Nothing realated to H1B visa or any other ease to Indian students were not mentioned in press conference.
But as we know everything is not said in press conferences and we hope that India and US ties will move from strength to strength.
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