What is the significance of Trump & Modi meet? June 2017

On June 25,2017 The prime minister of India landed on the soil of U.S. Donald Trump & Narendra Modi are very aggressive and out spoken when we talk about terrorism so terrorism would be the hot topic between these two countries talk or they will more focus on other aspect let's find out.

      This will be the first time when Modi and Trump will meet.This will also be the first bilateral meet between this two leader of democratic countries. On the one hand Modi's agenda would contain how he can benefit his Dream India's project by strengthening the India US allies So Trump would more focus on asking India's help to tackle China's supremacy over south China sea and also keep a check on North Korea with help of India.

Both the leaders will also focus on business  opportunities for both the counties respectively as creating job for their people is also on their priority list. States can also help in India in increasing India's military power by adding new weapons in India's bag.

I think it will be give and take for the countries and here I would also like to share that U.S can ease H1B visa for Indians speculation are going around.

Thanks for now. #USfirst #Indiafirst
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