3 Basic Ways to stay happy, tension free and motivated.

3 Basic Ways to stay happy, tension free and motivated.

Hello Friends,

               In this 21st century, everyone is running after one thing or other. We always say to our self or our near ones that if I get this or achieve this thing or target I will be happy and satisfied. But my friend we are humans and we are never satisfied, once we achieve our goal we set new goals and then more. We keep on adding new goals once we achieve one Target. I am not saying that not to have goals or aims in life because not having any goal in life is like a person with soul. But sometimes we become so greedy that we set goals or aims which are unrealistic and we loose all connection to this real world, put pressure on oneself and then end up unhappiness.

So here are some ways which can make your life easier and happier.

                First one stay focused to your goals but don't lose connection with your family because families are for what we are working for, for whom we care but to achieve some unrealistic goals we just cutoff connection with them thinking that sharing your problem can pass your problems to them. But it's not true, your family is your back bone, do share your ideas, dreams and problems with your family. I know that they can't help you with your problems but they will support and try every possible way to help you out in tough times when you need them most. This way you can get more strength and courage to fight your problems knowing that your family is in full support of you.

                     Second is don't make life complex, everything is simple, you have to just think differently. Sometimes we assume things and create imaginary problems which don't even exist. For example, if you commit so mistake or error while performing your work, you keep on thinking that what others will think when they will come to know that I have committed such mistake. 

                      Friends, everyone commits mistakes in their life professionally or personally, no one is perfect, this world they will say crap things but you have to choose that you have to give importance to that crap or move forward for new opportunities. To deal with such type of problems, be proactive , before anyone comes to know about your mistake by some other sources, you go to the person from whom you are hiding that fact and sort it out. It is simple, just gather some courage and explain your situation when you committed that mistake, they will understand if they care about and if they don't understand you then it simply means that they don't care about you. So you will come to know your position or importance of you in their life. They may get offended but if they come to know from others sources than they might get more offended.

                Third is that stay away from negative people, they are just born to demotivate you. Have faith in yourself and stay positive because if you get influenced by their negative thoughts you will end up with nothing. For example, if you share your ideas or you tell them your problems they will say that your idea is poor or they will try to put fear in you that if you do this than this can happen and come up with all negative results which probably exist in this world. What should do in this situation is that listen to their all their negative results and come up with answer to tackle that situation and move forward to your ideas. So this is channelizing negative thoughts for building positive ways.

So this way you change your fortune.

I hope you liked my article. 

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Love, live and work in right direction.

Jai Hind!!!


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