5 Skills to learn from Narendra Modi. Must Read !!!

This personality needs no introduction specially in South Asia and where Indian Community are in large quantity. Yes we are taking of Narendra Modi The Prime Minister Of Republic Of India. Well  you must be  knowing  many things about him but here are 5 qualities or skills he posses which many  may have observed.

1. Great Speaker : He is a great speaker as many of know but he also a great articular. He can tell same thing but so differently that you will have to think twice before you understand what he actually wanted say and what you understand.

2. Time management  : This quality of him has moved many people around the world. He is like a super hero. One day he is here and another day he in other part of the world and in few next hours he is next part. He perfectly manages his time and never misses any event.

3. Energy Level : We know we get tired even in 5 to 6 hours of travelling but he is a power house of energy. He addresses mass with same energy everywhere and do work 18-20 hrs of work without getting tired. Perfect example is 2014 Lok Sabha elections  where he addressed more rallies than any other political figures.

4. Presence of Mind : His presence of mind is unbeatable. With this abilities he can turn the table any time. If you have watched his interviews he have done this many times.

5. Emotional Attachment  : He has great ability of joining one event to another event so that he can great that emotion that many can relate to. For example he relates  paying tax with helping army or Swachhta Abhiyan with Mahatama Gandhi. There are many more examples.

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Thanks!!!     Saurabh Bais