Don't take everything for granted.

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           We knowingly or unknowingly take things or people for granted. You all will think that that's not true. So today I going to tell you that where and when we take things for granted.

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            Like I said me take many things for granted and many times we don't even recognize that we are doing so. It's not your fault, we don't even care and just takes things are they are readily made or done for us. For example, we take our Farmers and Soldiers  for granted that it's there job to feed you or protect you and they are paid for that.  But one thing we should not forget that they spend their life to feed us and protect us and sometimes they die/ Martyr for us. No one can die for us but they do.

          That was obvious example but in day to day life, we take many people and things for granted. For example, our mother cook food for us daily without complaining about that. We never think that way that they are doing so much for us so that we have to not face any problem. Our fathers, they work very hard to bring all the happiness to us as much as possible. In a year, for one day we pay attention or remember their scarifies which are making for us and that is mother's day and father's day. Rest of whole year most of us don't even care. And I would like to ask that one day when you celebrate mother's day or father's day, how many of  us truly appreciate or understand their hardship. 

           We in the sake of celebrating that day or your parents don't feel bad that we don't love them we celebrate that day. I am not saying everyone does so but most of does. We should appreciate and should show same love 365 days.

           We also take teachers and mentors for granted and never recognize their efforts which they put on us to become what we are. We think that they are paid for that or even some of us disrespect them. We should understand that though they are paid but the knowledge they are providing to us is thousand times greater than what they are paid for. They teach, educate and make us Human being of matter which has thoughts, idea and survival skills to live on this planet and can take decisions.

          We also take our government and governmental institution for granted. We should respect them as they are working for us to provide better infrastructure and always work for security and better life. We throw garbage on Streets and pollute our cities for which government workers have to work hard to clean them. Western countries are doing great in this field as they always strive for cleanliness but in Asian countries and especially south Asian countries are lagging behind in this aspect, they always think government should work for cleanliness of cities and country but always fail to play their part and blame government for mismanagement. 

          We throw plastic bag and all sort of things in public and after that it get accumulated in drainage systems and in monsoon season we see water logging everywhere. This was small example how we take things for granted.

         Last but not the least, we take nature and Earth for granted. We all exploiting our mother Earth for sake of our greed. This situation is getting worsen and worsen by every passing year and due to which many species are verge of Extinction. We should focus on protecting our Earth so that next generation have something to cherish about or they will merely see nature in pictures and national geographic channel. 

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Be human Spread Humanity!!!

See you next time with another interesting topic,  till then stay happy and don't take things for granted and appreciate others for their works.



  1. This is so true and a great reminder. Life is so precious. Beautiful post!

  2. Such an important post! Especially parents, being that they ave been there our whole lives it's very easy to forget how much they love and care for us!


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