India - Israel Relationship. Indian PM is on 3 day visit to Israel.


       Israel has grown from zero to such heights that now every country wants good relationship them. On counterpart India is on the fast track of development and Indian prime minister does not want leave no stone un-turned.

        Narendra Modi became first Indian prime minister to visit Israel and even Israel media and their head has said that they have been waiting for Indian Prime minister since Indian independence. A great welcome has been given to Indian PM which shows that if this is the beginning that what will be the entire visit.

      Indian P.M. got such a great welcome in Israel that only few global leaders have received in past few decades. Israel has great importance when it comes to military and defense equipment. India imports lots of defense items from this great country. And now these two countries has decided to go one more level up and agreed to share technology with each other and Israel has agreed to share BARAK missile technology with India and they are planning to build that in Indian soil.

    One hand India lot to receive there is lot deliver to Israel also. PM said that India – Israel are beyond skies and now we have ties even in space.

     Let see what this countries come up with and how this countries continue in future. But one thing is sure that if India and Israel come together they can change lot in world.

     Israel PM welcomed Indian PM by saying “AAPKA SWAGAT HAI MERE DOST (Welcome my friend)“ that too in Hindi which says a lot that how serious this two leaders are about this ties. Israeli PM on airport only introduced his 11 ministers and even Indian delegate met with them.

     One of  Muslim leader of Israel said “ Thank you for taking care of my people in India” Now that is what we call how much importance both countries are giving to this Visit.

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