Is God Real ? Lets Find Out. Part 1

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              Almost every one this planet follow one religion. Its a matter of faith that in which god we believe in and worship them with full heart. But is God real.Their is a saying " Don't believe in things which you have never seen" so no one on the earth has seen god so god is not real, Right?

How the concept of God came into existence?

              When we don't have answer to any question we say that God is behind that thing. For example we have no idea about where we go when we die so we say that we God place (Heaven/Hell). Is it true? Because no has proof so far that we go to heaven/hell when we die. If anything get explained then we say their is a science behind it. For example, if why everything falls down ? we have answers given by science "Gravity" But why things go down? Why gravity pulls thing downward? Why their is no force which allows us to levitate? No one has answer.

We say their is science behind everything. Their is theories behind every phenomenon. But who set this rules? 

               Why earth revolve around the sun? Why sun is the primary source of energy? Why we breathe oxygen and not other gas? Can this things be explained by science. Science only explain why it happens and why this event occurs after that event. But its fails to explain the main idea Why this and not that.

              So can it be possible that their some power(God) which controls all this things. That power manages all the things and it can also be possible that we are one of the experiment done by that power(God).

Here there are many things which has to be given a second thought. 

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