Love, the more you spread the more you get.

Hello Friends,

It's always feels great to write and put my thoughts and you people have gave lot of support so thank you so much for your love and support.

Today we are going to talk about "Love". please let me know your thoughts about this topic in comment section. So before we get started let's make a promise that we will never hurt anyone's feeling and if by mistake we have done so step forward and say sorry because next person wants love and person who understands their feelings.

Let get back to our topic: Love is the most complex feeling which human being possess, other living beings also possess this feelings but it yet to be discover that how show their feelings. Now every feeling is complex but why love is said to be more complex. And the answer for this that you can't measure, touch, weigh in short you can't quantify love. So problem arises when someone love someone with great extent and next person in favor does not possess similar level of feeling to them then situation of non equilibrium arises and sometimes it end with non compatibility. 

One thing about Love is that you can't love two person with same quantity of love. If you say that I love this two person equally you may be correct but bitter truth is that if you love tested on the fire of time you will end up with one. For example, if I love my two friends equally and I have never thought that whom I love most as they are equally important to me but when a situation will where you have to choose one and that situation is unavoidable then you will choose one over the other. Why so? Because at back of the mind you have calculated that whom do you love more and you will choose that person but this does not mean that you are biased and not fulfilled you duty of friendship but it's a matter of time, place and situation where you have chosen one over the other but one factor intensity of feeling comes into place and that gives or shows which person to choose and give an edge to him.

Now we love our parents, friends, boy/girl friend, spouse, kids , grandparents etc. Now love changes it's definition with whom you associate it with. For example can't love your parents same as your kids but you love both of them. So love is not a term it is a umbrella where we try to fit everyone and then try to live with them 

Love changes it's form and intensity with respect to time. As time passes our equation with our loved ones changes. For example, a person whom you are very close to becomes not so important person in you life. You don't decide this but it happens with respect to time so we have no control over that. You might say that you can save or preserve you relationships or equations with person you want, you can try but it is very hard to get to same page again. For example, if your friend finds a new friend and now started to spend more time with them and not you then you can't do anything.

So don't confuse yourself between what is true love or false love. Just love everyone, everything because this world is beautiful the only thing you need is open mind and one open eyes to see it. Just do what you like, what you do. Don't expect from others because many times you get disappointment, just do your part and leave rest to others. Be true to yourself, never cheat your inner you. 

Be human, Spread humanity!!!

In the end I would only say: you cannot buy love but you can spread it as much as you want. You can spread what  you possess and you possess love so keep spreading and let others get influenced by it.

Show path to others be a pole which every human being needs.

Thanks for your time. 


  1. This is absolutely true, we need to live out lives with mote love and empathy, the world will be brighter

  2. Thank you so much for your valuable comment and time


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