One Good HABIT can change your life, try having one.

              Yes one good habit can change your life, you won't agree but today I going to prove that this not a myth or a dialogue which your teacher use to say or books have taught you.

              Let get started with this one but before we get started let me know what good habit you possess or one bad habit you want to change in comment section.

             So some one has habit of helping others so one can possess good habit of waking up early in the morning so one can have habit of writing or one can have habit of playing outdoor games. Even a good habit of listening to great people or motivational speeches can change your life. But you have to be honest with it.

             I have an small story which can help you understand benefit of good habit. Though this story is unrealistic but I hope I will be able to pass the message which I want to in this post.

            There was a man who was very disappointed by his life. He use to curse his life and always blame to God for not giving him what he wanted. He was very poor but he never wanted work for her living. Lazy guy who used to wake  up late and rome here and there all day long. He had good of amount of land where he can work and can live a good life but he was busy cursing his luck and god.

          Once a sage came to his village and he went to meet him so that he can also how he can get a better life. When reached to sage  and told his problems, sage understood his mentality and gave him a very stupid solution because sage knew that he is a lazy guy and giving him a advice of working was of no use. So sage told him that choose one person, out of his family, and never open his eye unless he sees. Means he has to see that person first in the morning then he can carry on with his day to day life.

          He went to his home and choose his neighbor who was very hard-working guy. He thought that every morning his neighbor use to go his field for work and pass by his house so he can easily see him as he was very punctual for his work. He started this activity and with full faith started this practice. He used to see his face every morning and then he use to do whatever he wish to do. This practice he continued for months but nothing changed but he kept doing this.

         One fine morning when he wake up and  came to know that his neighbor has left to work too early, so he keeping his eyes closed he started walking towards his field. Somehow he reached his neighbor field. He shouted his name out to this neighbor replied "yes I am here" . He went closer and opened his eyes and was happy that his daily ritual is still intact. His neighbor asked him why was he searching to him so made up story that he wanted to discuss some matter to him and started to talk to some random things so that his neighbor get convinced that he was there only to discuss some topic. Neighbor was listening to his talk and busy digging  ground. As he was digging his tools with which he digging struck with something heavy. Both of them got amazed and with curiosity they both started digging deeper and found one chest as they opened it they found that it was full of  ornaments and gold. They both with mutual understanding distributed it half and promised that they will not tell this to anyone. So this way that lazy man got rich and thanked God and sage for that advice.

         Now here that advice was not the reason for his good luck, it was his good habit of getting up early which he followed religious turned his fate.

       I know that this story is very unrealistic and crap but the thing to learn here is the belief and a good habit of him changed his fortune. 

      In this world we are clue less what to do, but my friend if you find any good habit and that you follow with full faith I can assure you that one day it is going to pay you.

      Thanks for reading. I hope the message which I wanted to share had reached you. I Hope  you will  come again for another such off track story. See you again.

Be human, Spread Humanity!!!

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