What is humanity? Everyone talks about but very few understand it.


              Humanity : A word which contains human in it. We all are human then from where this word came into existence. If we all are human then this quality must be poses by every human on this planet. But this not the case. We call ourselves human , But why? Answer is we walk on two legs, we talk and express our feelings with words and we have social life.

If this is true definition of human then think one again.

       What differentiate us from animals is kindness but now a days even animals are more kind then human so how can we can calls ourselves human. If you open news channel or see newspaper we would see one news which ask us are we human. One country is bombing one country, someone is brutally  killed other for money, someone got raped, someone got kidnapped. This type of news take away our belief that we are human and we have one quality which we proudly show to others, Yes we poses HUMANITY.

               From existence of human on this planet and till date we have read many theories that how human evolve. From stone age to the age of technology we have achieved so much. Now we can talk to anyone sitting any corner of the world but has this reduced the distance between our hearts. Probably this question you should ask yourself once. If your answer is no then what is the benefit of this technology when we can’t reduce the distance which we have created in our hearts. Why are on this planet? Ask this question to yourself?

        Were we sent to this earth to earn money, were we sent on this planet to overpower other. I think this will not be the reason why we are on this world.But their exists a theory which we call “ Survival of the fittest” . According to this theory only those survive those who have power to defeat other.  Think about this question and this theory and try to figure out why we are on this place.

              Love and Care are two word which can change the world, this are not my words but these  words you might have heard from many.  Do you believe in this two words and then be true to yourself and say confidently that you have never hurt anyone  for your personal gain.
If we  understand true meaning of human and humanity then we can make difference. No problem is bigger than our will power. Be human, Spread Humanity.

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  1. Very nice thought
    Well structured
    Well written
    Keep writing
    Wishes from vinayak chauhan

  2. Nice write up.. keep it up..
    humanity is beeing learning concerned with human culture, especially literature, history, art, music, and philosophy.
    respect to every human who touch with it..


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