Why cant we get what we want? Explained !!!

Hello Everyone,

Here I am gonna explain why we don't thing which want or desire to achieve. Read post till end and comment and share if you have any suggestion or you liked this post.

                 We are humans and and god has gifted us with lot many emotions and feelings so that we can live with other and create a bonding so that we care for each other or understand what other feel. No the person standing in front of you will only understand your feeling only when he/she has passed through it or he/she is accepting that the person who is expressing his feelings will be feeling like that and if he/she trust he will blindly accept your feeling. For example : One friend explaining how its feels to be in love but the person who is listening to him have never experienced that feeling he/she accept it as he has no idea about it.

Now the above thing was required to be explained so that you can get real picture.

               Now when you want to get something when you want to achieve anything this above mentioned reason has great role to play. For example if you want get anything then it depends from whom. If that person has never experienced the same then he wont give that thing to you. It can be anything to everything. For example If you go to any girl/boy and put your feeling for her/him she is not gonna accept  your proposal unless and until she/he have even 1% of same feeling for you.

                Next thing which comes is financial reason but it only restricted to material world but now a days it has been said that if you are rich you can buy love. Yes I am serious. If boy has lot of money of his father then girls get attracted to him believing that she may have luxurious life with him and love is secondary which can also happen afterwards. If you agree/disagree then list your comment below and let us know your opinion.

                  Third One and the most important reason is your will. Yes, I your will to achieve any thing in this not strong enough then you wont get that thing as nothing is free in this everything thing comes with price tag and you have that price(will) to achieve that feat. Let us take a simple example, if you want to become an singer you start practice for that but after some time you give up saying that you are not meant for that or after one rejection you get demotivated. And you start doing other stuff and finally you lose hope from that to and go for next one and some even stop trying new thing assuming that they are useless.

                 So Be motivated what you do, try to understand others feeling, and if you are really want to have something then financial reason will get automatically eliminated from you list as nothing can stop if you vision is focused. And their are many nice people living in this world and one day you will meet them and all your problems will get resolved but you have to find that right person. Nothing extraordinary  is has to be done to find that person just stay focused and you will reach to that right person.

Be Human, Spread Humanity.

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