Why we hate Pakistan?, Read till end and then decide.

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      Today have come up with the new topic "Why we hate Pakistan?". I know that this topic can hurt some people's sentiments but I request everyone reading this article please read till the end and then give a thought what message I am trying to convey. This article is not written to harm anyone's sentiment but puts a deep thought which we need to pay attention. I hope that people will take this positively and will agree atleast at some points. This article is not influenced with any political ideology and is not attempt to make any kind of disharmony in society.


                 Why we hate Pakistan?  As of now India and Pakistan has under 3 major wars and we daily hear the news that this many arm forces  people martyr in cross border firing. But has anyone thought what we have achieved  so far by killing so many people. 

             In both this countries of South Asia are facing lot many problems and no one even care about it and everyone wants war with each other to show supremacy. Have we every thought what all that families go through who have lost their loved ones in this tug of war. We sitting at homes under fan and AC talks about war but have we ever thought how it feels to stand at border under intense pressure and lethal condition. 

             No poor wants war they just food, no worker wants war they just they some money so that they can survive this competitive world. On two sides of border, how ill we take about each others country, how many of you get ready to kill innocent people living in other country.

              Now the Question comes why their is so much hatred in peoples mind, so answer to questions is our few handful political leaders and some extremist forces which do not want  peace for their political gains. Think of a situation where their is no hate in people mind then how they will come shadow their development failure. If you have noticed during election lot of hatred is spread in atmosphere so that real questions like electricity, water and basic needs of citizen get minimal attention. So this one reason.

            Another reason is sadly Media, Yes media, they only popularize those news which brings TRP to their third class media content. If you have noticed this media people only highlights what bad is other country and always forget to show some positive aspect of counter country. So slowly and gradually people starts to believe that other country is disrespectful  to their country and this gives rise to tension between both the countries. And their are some political scholars to in cash these opportunities. 

             Whole world facing terrorism and this two counties are not exception. If any major terror attack happens, blame games starts from both sides. Even before investigating about the true culprits we blame that they are from other side of border. Lets us sit together and resolve this matter with mutual understanding but if any government talks about it they are declared as anti-nationals. Seriously what has happened  to us. Terrorist do have any country they do not have any religion they just want to spread terror so that run their agendas. 

              Every country has some difference with other country but it does not mean that we should solve that differences with wars. I would like to ask scholars from both the side that if they want war and they can't tolerate each other then why we have millions of dollar trade every year. 

Just give one thought to this above listed points and think whats wrong and how it can be corrected. I have tried to put some eye opening facts but I think I was able to convey the message which I wanted.

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