Why we have dreams? Dreams Decoded.

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We all have dreams, I am not taking about dreams we see with open eyes but I am talking about when we are sleeping. Lets have some insides on this topic to find some amazing facts about dreams.

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        Most of us dream when we sleep, so why we have dreams? Do dreams have some message or they are just crap? Is dreams have some links to real world? Is dreams are special messages from GOD? Are dreams just dreams and have no significance? 

"Dreams are a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep"- that what Google says. 

When we have dreams we see some specifics dreams which has to something with our day to day life are dreams which are generated because we have some desire or some liking which we see getting fulfilled in our dreams. This type of dreams are our urge and dreams tells what we need or what we want to do or achieve. So if you have this type of dream on regular basis then you should work on that so that you can achieve that. We can say that type of dreams realize what our aims or goals in life. Some dreams are also linked to some personalities from which we are very much influenced or desire to meet.

Another type of dreams which occur out of fear, Yes you read it right. If you have some sort of fear of any person, place or things than you probably having this type of dreams. This type of dreams does not have any links with paranormal activities or any evil soul but this type of dreams comes with belief that you have did some bad to anyone and now they are ghosting you. Or they are coming to some experiences of past. To stop this dreams you have to stop thinking about that event which haunts you. Now you will say that during day time or when you are awake you don't think of it but when when you asleep then only this type of dreams comes.But my friend this type of thoughts are running back of your mind. Like some applications keep running in background of your device and you are unaware of that but they consume most of RAM of your device.

Another type of type of dreams are crap or out of habits. For example if your eating habits are not good then you have some unusual dreams which has nothing to do with you life. So if you are having some unwanted/irrelevant then you should improve your habits.

If we talk of dreams which comes on regular basis and we have no idea why they are coming.This are same every time and we know what going to happen next as we have seen this dreams many times. So this type of dreams are trying to say something and when you realize what they mean that day they will stop coming. This are like if we decode the dream and understand what it's all about and then have some sort of relief that we have extracted the information. But sometimes people mix it up with the dreams which we have talked in first type.

Some Facts:

1) Some great scientist had visions about the inventions and theories in dreams.(Tesla is one such fine example, and idea of google is also inspired by dream that Larry page had)

2) In blind people's  dreams they only listen and feel sound.

3) People have negative dreams more than that of positive dreams in their life time.

4) Around 12% of people in world have black and white dreams that means they don't have vivid colors in their dreams.

5) You can't write or tell time when you are dreaming, so if you are unsure that you dreaming or not try to write or tell time.

6) Their is a concept of Lucid dream where people try to control their dreams and do amazing things.

7)  Some people claim that they don't have dreams but they are not correct because they dream but forget.

8) We only see those face which have seen before in dreams.

9) Most of us have multiple dreams in one sleep.

10) Some people people have claimed that they have seen some events which actually occurred afterwards. This type of dreams are called as premonition dreams.

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Comments are most welcomed, leave your valuable suggestion about this post and overall experience reading this article.

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