How to become GREAT from good.

How to become GREAT from good.

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Today's topic is great and decide to share this with you so that we all can identify what is stopping us to become GREAT and also how we can reach to a level where we wish to be.

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First of all I would like to focus on point which is biggest huddle or we can say a thing which is stopping/ristricting us from reaching to our goals. You might be thinking that our bad habits but it half true. The real demon here is our habit of settling down with good. Let me elaborate it little more so that you can have better idea what I am talking about. We all have habit of settling down at our comforts, for example we all wish to have good health and body but we don't like to exercise and we put our body at comfortable position. Similarly we like fast food and don't like healthy food. We just stick to one routine and don't try to change it because we are comfortable with it. We don't push our limits and here we fail. We want success but we don't want to leave our comfort zone.

So things we like, we stick to it that habit don't let us grow. 

Now what should be done to reach level of greatness.

There are no hard and fast rule to reach to our goal and become successful but we can develop some habits which can take us to success. I am not talking about doing hard work. We need hard work to reach but sometimes that also not take us to success so what are things we should do to reach our dreams.

First we should leave our comfort zone and other is other is stop blaming time. We always blame time, we say that our life so hectic that we don't get time to think out of box. Now thinking is one part but to work according to plan is other. Most of think and plan but with time we don't stick to plan and leave idea and last end up with disappointment. Now plan your plans and put all your efforts to make it possible, even in adverse situations.

Second build leadership qualities and think like a leader. You are leader of your life. So lead from the front and don't blame other for your failures. You are the reason of your failures, accept it and move forward by learning from it. No failure should demoralize you and blur your vision. Try, try and try, there is no other way to success, never give up.

Third is understanding your potential, most us fail to understand or realize our potential. We all have at least one quality which we need to understand and plan your path to success by keeping that in mind. 

Fourth one is never stop learning. Each and every day is a lesson and we should learn from each passing day. The day you assume that you know everything is a last day you stop growing. We can learning from any thing or person. Lesson can be very small but never stop learning and each day develop your skills. Learning from everything you come across, learn from small people, learn from big giants. The thing which you can learning from a street vendor that thing you cannot learn from multimillionaire and a thing which you great people life that you cannot learn from you a person who is nothing. So  gather as much knowledge as much as you can and each lesson and learning is going to help you to become wise and more confident person with better decisions making abilities.

Fifth one is ability to sense the situation. The four points mentioned above will develop one quality of sensing the criticality of situation and ability to tackle that situation because it a major area where people are going to judge you in your journey to success. If you can take take decision and take yourself out that problem with it shows of which mettle you are made of. With each passing day we will improve in this field but you have equip yourself for worse and for that you should be full inside that matter and you should be knowing that if you that steps then what will be positives and what will be side effects. You goal should be reduce side effects and increase efficiency.

So I hope you all have got enough idea what this topic was all about. 

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