India 70 year younger, Indian Independence Day

Hello Friends,

I hope you all are doing well.  

This is post is dedicated to my Indian friends and armed forces.

First of all "Happy Independence Day" to all brothers and sisters (except one) of India. We have completed 70 years of Independence and reached to new heights every passing year. We have come a long way from British rule to having a greatest democracy on entire planet. We have reached moon and Mars and leading the world in field of IT and medical sciences. By accepting solar a major source of energy and working together for building stronger India. 

Independence was not easy task to achieve but our freedom fighters and love for country made it possible. We lost many lives to achieve this feat and many people had sacrificed their entire life to give us a free air to breathe. So on 71th Independence day I wish we could add importance to this scarifies and reach new heights of glory.

We Indians have potential to be the best  in every field we put our hand. We have set examples in past and we can show new paths to this emerging world. Time has come to place where war is not the solution and nor the criteria who is strong. Today a country is considered as strong which has strong core and with strong core I mean to say that country with more inner strength is going to rule this 21st century. Currently India is the youngest nation in terms of it's more than 60% of  population is below 35 year of age. We have largest work force in the world and some of the greatest minds.

Our country is unique, it has varied culture, language and geographical region but we always stand as one. Our strength lies in our diversity. We are country with unity in diversity. From North to South and East to West, we  have different opinions, thought, ideas and suggestions on each and every topic that gives us a better idea to every situation.

It is not easy to take every individual together with such diversity but we Indians have proved to the world that we capable of doing what others think it's impossible.

India is a land where everyone is welcomed, we believe in "Whole world is a family" concept. 

So this Independence day let's celebrate for our unity.

Be human Spread Humanity