Is one sided love is like being in relationship? Let's find out.

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According to me there are 2 kinds of relationship in the world. First one is when both are in love with each other and the other one is when only one is totally mad for other but other don't have any feeling for that person.

We call couples who are in love with each other but what what about ones who love one person who does not love them back. Yes they do exist and they are called as one sided lovers and sometimes we call them mad. We do have crush on celebrities or any other person but I am not talking about that stuff here. I am talking about a person who is in totally love with someone and with whom he/she is in love with do not even know that or they know that but can't we with them due to their personal reasons.

Suppose you are in love with someone and that guy is unaware but you still keep on loving that person. You have no guys to ask that person out that you love them and eventually you just remain single but you are not single because you are surrounded by dreams and fantasy about them. So according to me this kind of love is also a relationship. Technically you are single but mentally your are taken. You live in your world where you have different thoughts like what things you would have done if you both were together. You have made up many stories and many moments which you would like to had if you were together.

Being a one sided lover is not easy and it's more tougher if she/he is your best friend. You don't want loose them by telling your feelings to them but you wish that they by their own come to know that you love them and expecting a positive response from their side. But I would like to  tell you guys that  the chances of happening this kind of miracle is very less. It's like Donald Trump winning the election even though everyone is predicting he will loose. But he won and you can also be, risk is everywhere but you have take it to succeed. Similarly if you want that friend to be your lover, go and tell them because if you don't then whole life you will live with a regret that I would have told him/her and our story would have been different. Sometimes it can also happen that she/he comes to know about your feelings from others sources and you might end up with nothing. They can reject you not because you have some feelings about them but because you had no courage to tell them and I know that people don't like losers.

Being in a one sided love is sometimes like living in a heaven. You just keep on thinking about them and having crazy ideas cooking up in your mind and you love what you are feeling.

Being in love with someone is already like living in other dimension where you and your love is only person matters. You are high on emotions and every detail of life gets magnified. You feel like  flying in skies and you keep on smiling all day for no reason. Butterflies in the stomach and nothing is bothering you.

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