Why we see HD notification near Jio signal and not in other telecom operators?

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If you are a Jio user then you might have seen a HD written notification near your Jio signal toggle. What is that and why other operators don't show that notification.

Well it is all because Jio is the only telecom operator company which providing voLTE service in India. What is voLTE? It is a new way of transmitting signal. Where even voice call are provided on data basis. For more information on voLTE you can subscribe and I will post update on voLTE in future in detail.

Now as Jio provides HD services means it's network supports fast signal transmission than other operators. But Jio has to install more tower to provide such services as single tower cannot provide better service which other operator use. Other operator transmit high level of frequency which are harmful in order to provide better signals while Jio tower do exactly opposite. They have installed more towers and provide low frequency to meet same signal strength. This helps them provide better service and also less harmful frequency transmission.

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